May 3, 2016

5 reasons for being suspicious about the forest certification systems FSC and PEFC

In the latest years, Acréscimo has been noticing more and more reasons to be suspicions about the credibility of forest certification based on the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Endorsement of Forest Certification Program (PEFC) systems, the way they operate in Portugal.

1.     Due to the complicity with unrestrained deforestation situation and uncontrolled spread of exotic species plantations, with high environmental, social and economic risks;  

2.     Due to the suspected absence of permanent monitoring in the deposition of industrial waste in certified forest areas with potential risks to public health, especially to the rural populations;
3.     Due to the association, on the chain of custody, to entities involved on public complaint for breach of environmental legislation, with serious situations related to an international river course pollution;
4.     Due to the predisposition to take advantage of public funding support through the Common Agricultural Policy and the National Budget (PDR 2020), including the Permanent Forest Fund, to overcome their tenuous expansion in markets under imperfect competition;
5.     Due to the lack of transparency on the funding model mechanisms of its activities, especially on the financial flows, directly or indirectly related to demand of industrial oligopolies.
Acréscimo considers that the FSC and PEFC certification systems, such as currently applied in Portugal, are shrouded in suspicions that undermine their credibility. Everything leads us to believe that the certification business outstripped the principles underlying the certification.

Acréscimo will question these certification systems international administrations about the credibility of the actions of its partners in Portugal.

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